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Friday, January 18, 2019

Are AP Classes Worth It?

As we head into course selection season, high school students have many choices. One of those choices may include AP (Advanced Placement) classes. Should a student take AP classes? If so, how many and which ones? 
Which AP Classes Should I Take?

There isn’t one right answer- it really depends on the individual student. 

The Advanced Placement Program is organized and administered by CollegeBoard, the same company that administers the SAT, the PSAT, and SAT Subject tests. High schools typically offer several AP courses. The AP classes contain college-level material and are designed to prepare students for the AP tests given in May of each year. Doing well on AP tests can earn students college credit or advanced standing in their future college or university. This saves two precious commodities for a first-year college student: time and money!

Colleges like to see that students are willing to take a challenging curriculum and that they do well in those classes. Since AP classes compare to college-level courses, they demonstrate to admission representatives that a student is ready for the rigorous academics of college. 

Successfully passing an AP class can demonstrate the student’s interest or passion in a subject. If biology is your thing, consider taking an AP Biology class. We hear over and over that colleges are looking for students who have demonstrated a passion or commitment throughout their high school years. Carefully consider areas of interest and passion for learning a specific subject. Review the courses that are offered at your high school and then use AP courses to build a profile that represents your true interests and abilities.