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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Universal College Acceptance Deadline is this Week

Choosing your College
May 1 looms large in the minds of high school seniors and their parents. It is by this date that students must commit to their college of choice by submitting an enrollment deposit. For those students who have already committed and know where they're going in the fall- Congratulations! For those who still can't decide, it's all about best-fit:
  • Academic- Evaluate the programs at each college and how
    they match up to your career interests. Are there a number of opportunities for you to explore your areas of interest?
  • Social- What do students do at each campus for fun? Is that what you consider to be fun? What happens at each campus on the week-ends? Is there a certain social culture and are you comfortable with that?
  • Emotional- Where do you feel safe and supported? Which college makes you feel happy and "at home"?
  • Financial- Consider the costs of attending each college over the next four years. Where can you get your degree without taking on excessive debt?
What does your gut tell you? I have suggested that students flip a coin. Yes, I know this is a big
College Choice
decision to leave to a coin toss, but flip it and do a gut check. When College A came up, did you think, "Yes!" or did you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? Take 20 minutes TODAY out of your crazy, busy schedule and just sit and think. Use this quiet time to reflect over all the "fit" pieces mentioned above and really consider where you will be most happy.

This is likely the biggest decision you've ever had to make on your own- that's what can make it so paralyzing. Push out the clutter and make the choice in the same way you make other decisions. You can make the best decision for YOU!