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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

College for Students with Learning Disabilities

I recently attended a workshop about college experiences for students with special needs. There are  two US colleges in which 100% of their students have some type of learning disability:

Beacon College- Located in Leesburg FL, Beacon was the first college in the United States to offer bachelor degree programs
exclusively to students with learning disabilities such as ADHD and dyslexia. They currently offer majors in business, computers, studio arts, psychology, interdisciplinary studies and human services. They have a highly individualized program of study and all faculty members are trained in meeting the needs of students who learn differently. Beacon is small, with only 140 students, but their small class sizes and on-campus housing offer an option for students who may struggle elsewhere. 

Landmark College- Located in Putney Vermont, Landmark caters only to students with special needs such as dyslexia and developmental disorders. The nearly 500 undergraduate students may choose a four-year bachelor of arts degree in liberal studies, among several associate (2-year degrees) and a certificate program in Universal Design: Technology Integration. Their First Year Experience supports new students through their transition and the summer credit program and January term offer flexibility for degree completion. 

Many other colleges provide services for students with special needs and some serve a large proportion of students with learning issues (Curry College in MA and Mitchell College in CT to name two examples). Just as with any college-bound student, the first focus should be on "fit", then concentrate on drilling down to make sure the college can meet the special needs of the student.

Universal Design: Technology Integration
Universal Design: Technology Integration
Universal Design: Technology Integration