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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Space Available at Hundreds of Colleges

St. Joe's University in Philadelphia has openings for Fall 2014
The vacancy sign is flashing at over 250 colleges today. Following the May 1 Universal Decision Day when college applicants deposit at their college of choice, hundreds of schools are announcing that they still have room for students to enter this fall. While you won't find Harvard, Stanford and other highly selective colleges on the list, there are some very
fine institutions still seeking students. The reasons for these late openings may include a low initial applicant pool in terms of quantity or quality, a low yield (number of applicants saying "yes" to an admission offer), or a willingness of the college to consider a high quality candidate late in the game.
Whatever the reason, this is great news for late-comers still dreaming of a college education, and for college-bound students having second thoughts about their final choice. Many colleges on the list are also accepting transfer students.

Cabrini College, Radnor PA

Over 250 colleges have informed the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) that they have space for fall 2014. The NACAC College Openings Update for 2014 includes:

  • The University of Arizona
  • St. Joseph's University
  • Coastal Carolina University
  • Seton Hall University
  • Several of the SUNY (State University of New York) colleges
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • University of Vermont
Colleges are encouraged to update this list regularly, but this is a voluntary survey so other colleges may have space as well. Check directly with the admissions office of the college to find out about the status of their openings and the process for applying.

There is no need to stay in limbo or to continue with "second thoughts". There are some great colleges out there with openings in the fall, so do your research and find the right space for you!