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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Parenting Through the College Application Process

Princeton University
There is a great article on Grown and Flown, "College Admissions: Don't Go it Alone". Applying to college is very different than it was thirty years ago when many of today's parents were making plans beyond high school. Our world is smaller and our college-bound students have many more choices.  

They need their parents to help them navigate through this process. 

I particularly appreciated the advice in the piece about campus visits. Yup, they may be painful, but they are the best way for a student to figure out what they want (and don't want) in a college.  Find a way to make them fun and memorable.
High school students may not want to take SAT's or ACT's. Register them anyway. They may not want to think about admissions essays. Talk about them anyway. High school students often don't want to go on a college visit. Schedule it anyway. They may not want to brush and floss twice a day...but you get the picture...