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Saturday, January 25, 2014

U.S. Students Opting for Canadian Colleges

More and more American high school students are setting their sights north for a more affordable college education with fewer hassles when it comes to the application process. And, this may be a great option for late-bloomers as some colleges north of the border only look at 11th and 12th grade transcripts.

Many students report that the application process is much simpler with less importance placed on essays, interviews and letters of recommendation and most weight placed on grades and standardized test scores (many Canadian colleges are test optional too). Regarding cost, as tuition has skyrocketed in the US, many Canadian colleges have very reasonable costs. Students can often use U.S. student loans and apply for scholarships at the Canadian schools. Check out some of these tuition costs, mostly in the teens or lower.

Is a degree from Canada looked upon the same way as a degree from a U.S. college? There are global standards for college degrees and with the international way of the world today, students can get great experiences wherever they go to college.

Consider getting or renewing your passport and heading to Canada on the next college road trip. Here are a few popular choices that may be worth a look:

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. 
Quest University, B.C.
McGill University, Quebec
Queen's University, Ontario
Brandon University, Manitoba