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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Should I Take the SAT or the ACT or Both?


College admission testing can be confusing for students. Just a few years ago, high school students living on the coasts took the SAT and high schoolers in the middle of the country took the ACT. Now, many students take both tests. 

The question is, should they? 

With two more tests on the horizon (you may soon hear more about Smarter Balanced and PARCC), will students be asking, "Should I take all four tests?" If other tests begin to come down the pipeline (and why wouldn't they- this has become big business after all), it is easy to see the dilemma.

I say stop the insanity and take the test that you're good at. That means, for now, either take a diagnostic SAT/ACT test (I offer such a test and some high schools have a diagnostic test for students) or take a full practice test of each on your own to see which one yields the highest score. Every four-year college in the U.S. accepts either test and most students naturally do better on one or the other. Find out which test is better for you and focus on that test. 
Registration Dates for SAT and ACT

A quick reminder, today is the final date to register for the January 25 SAT and January 24 is the final date to register for the February 8 ACT (expect to pay late fees for both now).