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Thursday, November 7, 2013

December SAT® Registration Deadline is Tomorrow

Should my high school junior take the December 7 SAT? I've been getting this question a lot recently and my answer is a very wish-washy, "it depends". 

SAT's are offered 7 times a year- October, November, December, January, March, May and June. Many juniors will wait and take their first SAT in January or March, however here are some things to consider when determining whether your junior should start early and take the SAT in the fall of junior year:

  • will your student be applying to very selective colleges in which high SAT scores will be needed to be competitive? If so, they may be taking the test multiple times and should consider testing in the fall of junior year.
  • is your student taking multiple AP classes this year? If so, they may be busy studying for AP exams in late spring, which may make the May and June dates challenging.
  • does your student need to take SAT subject tests? Students may not take both the general and subject tests on the same date, so additional testing dates will be needed for subject tests (can take up to three on one date, but subject tests are only available six times each year).
  • are you anticipating that your student will be doing some kind of test prep? If so, many tutors work with students over an 8-10 week time period so you'll want to spread the testing out to allow for the prep time.
  • is fall a crazy season for your student? Football players, field hockey enthusiasts, cheerleaders, students in marching band, and others, have a crazy schedule in the fall. During senior year, add in final college visits, filling out applications, completing essays and making determinations about early admission strategies, and there may be little energy (and time) left for SAT testing.
Regular registration for the December 7 date closes tomorrow. Of course you can always pay the late fee and wait until November 22 to register for December, but it's important to consider your student and your own circumstances to determine the best date(s) for the upcoming testing season.