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Monday, October 28, 2013

Planning Your Testing Schedule for College Admissions

It's important to plan early for standardized college testing so that you can focus your efforts on applying to colleges based upon your scores. During the sophomore year (or the summer before junior year), it may be helpful for students to take a diagnostic test to determine whether they should focus on the SAT or ACT. 

Based on the results of the diagnostic, juniors should take either the SAT or ACT in the early winter. Ideally, juniors want to have one or two tries with the SAT or ACT by mid-spring, so they can focus on AP exams, finals and possibly SAT subject tests (students may take up to three subject tests at one time). The fall of senior year is an opportunity to repeat the SAT or ACT to try to achieve a higher score.

For SAT testing schedules and registration deadlines, check out  the College Board website. For ACT dates,  ACT Inc lists tests and registration deadlines through June 2015. For more information about taking a diagnostic test to determine which test is the right one for you, contact My College Helper. Students may also want to check out a list of test-optional colleges at Fair Test.