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Friday, September 20, 2013

Common Problems with Common Application

"Due to technical difficulties, your call cannot be completed at this time." 

Who wants to hear that when they're trying to make a phone call???

 Even worse, some students applying to college are getting a similar message when they try to submit their Common App. The CA4 is new this year and we're finding many glitches in the system. Here are a few words of advice for those students working on college applications that include the Common App:
  • Don't wait until the last minute! Of course that's good advice about most things, but especially this year and with this online application.
  • Compose your essay in Word and save it on your hardrive.  Email it to yourself as an extra precaution. Do not type your original piece directly onto the Common App form! Too many essays have disappeared into cyberspace.
  • Copy your completed essay(s) from Word into Notepad, which will clean up all the computer code. Then, copy it from Notepad and paste it into the Common App. Many steps, but that seems to be the best work-around for right now.
  • Use the print preview button before you hit "submit". Check over everything, including your essay(s) to make sure the format is to your liking.
  • Some recommenders are having trouble logging in or their getting an error message when they try to submit. Ask for recommendations early. 
  • If you're having issues, check out the topic list on the Application Help Center as others are probably experiencing the same problems. You can also follow the "Known Issues and Progress Updates" page for updated information
New software usually means glitches. The CA4 is no exception so plan accordingly!