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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

College Admission Limbo

College Resource BooksFor many students headed to college in the fall, May 1 was final decision day and they are now adorning themselves in their chosen college's hoodie and seeking out a suitable roommate.

However...there are students who didn't get accepted at any college, or who didn't get their applications in on time, or who may be unhappy with their selection and having second thoughts. There are also current college students who may not be so sure they want to go back to their college and may want to look elsewhere.

All of you are in luck!

Over 200 colleges have informed the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) that they have space for fall 2013. The NACAC 2013 Space Availability Survey lists 205 colleges with spaces for freshmen and 208 colleges with space available for transfer students. These colleges include:

  • Cleveland State University in Ohio
  • Drexel University in PA
  • Elmira College in NY
  • Colorado State University in CO
  • Lesley University in MA
  • University of San Francisco in CA
  • Lynchburg College in VA
  • University of FL in FL
A complete list is available on the NACAC website through June 28, 2013. Colleges are encouraged to update it regularly. This is a voluntary survey so other colleges may have space as well. Check directly with the admissions office of the college to find out about the status of their openings and the process for applying.

There is no need to stay in limbo or to continue with "second thoughts". There are some great colleges out there with openings in the fall, so do your research and find the right college for you!