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Friday, October 5, 2012

College Tuition Decreasing

Paying for College TuitionBoy, you don't hear those three words strung together very often. It's true though, but there's a catch.

There's always a catch...sigh...

Many colleges and universities will freeze or cut tuition, in most cases with the condition that they receive more taxpayer money.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has called for a tuition freeze for all state universities in Texas. The governor of Montana has done the same. The state of Maine already froze their tuition this year and plans to continue for two more years. The University of California will freeze their tuition rates next year, pending more tax dollars and the University of New Hampshire will too.

Other colleges that are freezing or cutting tuition include:

  • Cabrini College in Pennsylvania will be cutting tuition by 12.5% next year.
  • Concordia University in Minnesota pledges to cut tuition by one-third next year.
  • The University of Charleston in West Virginia is decreasing costs by 22%.
  • Temple University announced this summer that it will keep base tuition fees at $13,006.
  • Burlington College in Vermont freezes tuition with a four year lock.
  • Seton Hall University in New Jersey reduced tuition for high achieving students coming in directly from high school.
Isn't it nice to know that something else is decreasing besides our retirement accounts?

Check out FinAid for more schools that have frozen or cut tuition.