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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Do You Know What Your College Student is Taking This Semester?

With tuition costs on the rise, college students and their parents want to make sure students are getting the knowledge they need for future success. My College Helper has found a few creative classes at colleges around the country:

My College Helper is all for students having a fun college experience, but here are a few tips to parents and students when it comes to scheduling courses:

  • While some of these classes look like great fun, make sure they count for something toward graduation- the ultimate goal of the college experience. A few "Harry Potter" and "Pocket Pool" courses that don’t count toward credits needed, may translate to an extra semester or two of tuition, room, board and other costs.
  • On-campus clubs or area organizations may give students the opportunity to explore hobbies and other interests for free, or at a low cost, rather than paying for college credits to take a class.
  •  Parents should know what their students are taking and how it fits into the goal of getting the college diploma. Most college course outlines are readily available on-line, so check out course descriptions and encourage your student to make sure they have good information to make informed course-scheduling decisions.